So you need 5000 dollars urgently, and I’m guessing but it is probably likely that you do not want to go through the process of filling in loan application form after loan application form because you know there is a good chance that you will be rejected by most if not all of them.  So if you are saying that “I need 5000 dollars now” then you are almost certainly in the market for an alternative type of lending arrangement, perhaps from a lender that specialises in short term loans, perhaps payday loans, or perhaps 5000 dollar loans with bad credit type lenders.

If you are in the situation where you are saying to yourself “I need a 5000 loan now” then your chances of success will be based broadly upon you fitting into one of two scenarios.  Depending upon which scenario you find yourself your actions and outcomes may well differ significantly:

  • You have a stable job.  If you do have a job then the whole prosect of you getting a 5000 dollar loan fast is significantly improved.  Not only will many doors of lenders who offer speciality loans for people with bad credit, but if you are really desperate; if you are not just saying “I need a 5000 dollar loan now”, but rather “I need 5000 dollars fast” then you can still turn to the payday lenders in order to get hold of your loan.
  • If you do not have a stable job then I’m afraid that your options become a great deal narrower.  Perhaps the easiest place to look if you need 5000 dollars urgently is whether you have an valuable items in your possession that you can use to provide some form of security for the lender.  They will, as you know be concerned that without a job they cannot see how you will pay them back the money they advance you.  If you are able to provide security then the situation becomes a whole lot easier.

If you cannot provide security for your 5000 dollar loan then you will have considerable difficulty finding anyone to lend you money.  There are lenders on the fringes of respectability who may still advance you some cash but you should take great care when dealing with such organisations they often charge usorious rates of interest and their techniques to ensure recovery of their loans may not be desirable.

No, if you have no job then your options really depend upon members of your family, who may be able to lend you the 5000 dollars, or perhaps friends or family members who would co-sign a 5000 dollar signature loan for your benefit.  Clearly such arrangements include quite a lot of moral responsibility on your shoulders and should only be entered into if you are sure that you can make the repayments; the human cost of failing may be considerable.

I hope this is information is helpful.  Getting a 5000 dollar loan with bad credit; indeed if you need a 5000 dollar loan now then your options are generally quite limited and you need to take care as you may well end up dealing with parts of the lending community you would generally wish to avoid.

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