If you are one of the people in the world saying “I need 5 000 dollars now” well I guess I should say welcome to the club. Well okay there is not really a club but you are definitely not alone. There are many people out there in the world today who have gotten the wrong end of the stick when it comes to today’s economy. The job losses are above one million, unemployment is not looking better and everything seems to cost more than it used too.

There are several different options open to you if you are one of those people saying I need  5 000 dollars now, how many of those options will of course depend on your credit score. I know that it seems unfair if you are one of those people that have had a drop in your credit score because they were laid off from your job through no fault of your own. I am not going to paint a picture of roses and unicorns for you because that is just unrealistic, what is realistic is rebuilding your credit but it is not always going to be easy.

Ok so we have now established that you are one of those people that are saying I need 5 000 dollars now, or at the least trying to help a friend that is saying those exact words, where do you start? You could start with one of those lenders that advertise no credit check loans, payday loans or loans with no bank account, but starting off with the cheapest option might be the best. Even if your credit score has taken a hit, you should try applying for a 5 000 dollar loan with a traditional lender first. You can apply for a secure loan if you have collateral to offer the lender, your interest rate might be higher than those with good credit but it will not be as high a payday loan. Although on the other hand if you have any doubts about being able to make the payments on a long term loan a short term loan might be the better option as they are normally cheaper than insufficient fund fees at your regular bank. I know that applying for a loan of any sort can make you feel like you are walking on a tight rope, but having money is a necessity. Take a deep breath and do your homework, make sure that you are getting the loan that will cost you the least in interest and fees, find out if there is a hardship program or balance liquidation program that can help you if you wind up in a situation that could have you defaulting on the loan. Most important of all use your common sense do not borrow any money unless you absolutely have too.

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